I have been playing the piano since the 1st grade in elementary school. I took a break in high school and started playing the saxophone and singing in choirs. In the summer of 1975, I started working in a music store in Salt Lake City which had a Piano Tuning and Repair College. I began learning to tune and repair pianos and learning the piano business including sales in the 11 western states. I had developed my ear training skills while attending music theory classes. Having grown up on a farm in southwestern Idaho, I was immersed in the family culture of hard work, valuing education and being meticulous. Those skills, along with general music abilities and hard work have served me well in all aspects of my life. I was able to support myself in college and afterwards for many years with my piano tuning and repairing skills. During this time, I became a member of the Piano Technicians Guild.

In college, I was in several college choirs and bands. I finished a bachelor’s degree in Music and Business Management at the University of Utah in 1979. After college, I continued my business and apprenticed further with some piano rebuilders to enhance my abilities and knowledge.

My wife and I have 5 grown children and enjoy living in the Treasure Valley here in southern Idaho. We also have several grandchildren which bring us a lot of joy and happiness. We enjoy family activities such as gardening, camping, fishing, bicycling, and walking. We are involved with our church, love God and Jesus Christ, and love to help our neighbors and friends.

I have been involved with Boy Scouts, 50 mile hikes, youth leader, choir director, as well as subdivision vice president and president.

After marriage, my piano business became more part time and more of labor of love business, yet recently it has evolved to a bigger part of my time and effort.

I have an insurance business also offering life, long term care, health, and investments in which I have helped many clients and friends with their insurance and investment needs.

Last year, I built an insurance office and piano shop/showroom next to my home. My showroom allows me to offer more used quality pianos. I have associated with Mark Kettering at Hogey’s Refinishing for over 27 years here in Nampa. Each instrument looks great as well. All instruments offered come in excellent condition as to the case, and internally with good regulation, and tuning. All instruments include a normal local delivery and usually an extended parts warranty. I offer personalized service, honest evaluation and nearly 40 years of a good reputation and service.

Many music stores have sales men and women who know little about how the instrument works. My pianos hold a tune and I refrain from investing in pianos of marginal quality and longevity.

I hope to continue many more years in the passion of my life– “Quality Instruments For Families That Last” at a reasonable price.

Thank you,

Blaine Grow